A-one+ to the Rescue

We have been busy carrying out works on the M18 and M180 to renovate 40,000m of drainage ditches and 100 culverts as part of a motorway capital renewal scheme. During the project our site team discovered an injured tawny owl in one of the culverts near a motorway drainage ditch. While the owl was still clearly alive, it was motionless and had suffered damage to its eye and limbs.

Our site team removed the injured owl from the culvert and made is as comfortable as possible while they made contact with the local RSPB sanctuary at Black Tofts in Goole. The owl was soon collected by the RSBP and taken back to the nearby sanctuary.

A few days later we received an update from the centre that the owl doing well, responding to care and expected to make a full recovery

Another example of our site teams responding to the evolving needs around them and respecting the surrounding environment while delivering our service.

Our site team’s approach in this matter has also been recognised by our client during project feedback.

Recognising the importance protecting the natural environment and caring about our surroundings is a vital part of how we deliver our service and as such is recognised through our commitment to Considerate Constructors Scheme.  Click here to read more about our recent recognition from the scheme.