A Hidden Danger

Safety is one of our five key values as well as Highways England’s first imperative.

We have our Wellbeing, Improvement, Safety, Health and Environments Strategy (WISHES) which details and manages our safety commitments and priorities.

However, above all that, every one of our people has the right to come to work without fear or injury and to go home safely at the end of each shift.

One of the things we focus on as a business is eliminating risk to lessen the chance of injury or harm while we’re working in one of the most challenging environments.

We also develop robust method statements to follow while carrying out all types of tasks.

You must ALWAYS follow the safe systems of work that have been put in place, they’re there to protect YOU!

Watch this video to find out what could happen, when you don’t.

 A Hidden Danger


Please watch and share this with others, the incident that occurred in this short safety film is still happening in our place of work, if by sharing this we prevent one person from injury or harm then it’s worth it.

Thanks to Sort of Films